The important stages of a BRC Audit

BRC Global Standard

The BRC Global Standard helps organisations produce safe and quality products for consumers.
The BRC programme comprises separate standards for di erent industry segments, including: Food Safety, Packaging, Storage and Distribution, Agents and Brokers, Consumer Products and Retail.

The standard is divided into various sections including:

  1. Senior management commitment and continuous improvement
  2. Hazard and risk analysis
  3. Quality management system
  4. Site and building standards
  5. Vehicle operating standards
  6. Facility management
  7. Good operating practices
  8. Personnel

Why Use BRC Global Standards?

  • Customer Confidence
    Provides confidence to your customers regarding your compliance culture.
  • Cost Effective
    An easy to follow certification process, with no hidden costs.
  • Auditors Worldwide
    Highly trained certification bodies with auditors across the globe.
  • Technical Support
    An experienced BRC technical team are able to answer any questions.

Selecting a BRC authorised certification body

Only audits conducted by approved BRC Global Standards certification bodies can be recognised and certified by BRC.

Although the BRC doesn’t select or advise in the selection of certification bodies, the BRC has a detailed directory of authorised bodies: BRC Directory »

The directory lists the performance of the certification bodies, comprising a 5-star rating system assigned to each body based on a number of KPI’s.

The BRC is not responsible for the cost of the auditor, however the certification body will collect a £300 fee for the BRC. This fee is effective for all audits undertaken from 1st October 2017.

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Preparing for a BRC Audit

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Self Assessment for BRC Compliance

Sites should adequately prepare themselves for the BRC Standard by conducting a self assessment before their BRC audit.

The BRC provides a short video on how to use Self Assessment Tools to help you understand the role of self-assessment in preparing your business for the audit

How to Use BRC Self Assessment Tools »

Users of the Modern Auditor™ platform have access to paperless internal self assessment templates.

Self assessments are highly recommended as they can increase the possibility of achieving a higher audit score.



The white paper on this subject delves much further into the process of a BRC Audit, including Announced and Unannounced Audits, Audit Duration and a BRC Audit Grading Chart.

Access the complete white paper Preparing for a BRC Audit »